A very imposing nun who ruled the entire school, and was rumoured to be the controlling power of the blue nun that rode the art room's horse mural through the attic at night.
Nickname given to a boy with 'gozzy' eyes. In the first year of senior school his eyes were great, man, no problem. Then one eye went West, meaning that whilst one was looking directly at you the other was pointing towards Prestatyn or somewhere. This earnt him the nickname 'Home And Away'.

Then his other eye went weird too.
Yelled by a victim immediately after a strike to the testicles.
However, it takes the balls four seconds to switch from “spunk and fuck” mode to “Christ, that hurts” mode. So genuine testicle pain begins some time after the strike, leaving the poor man precious seconds of hope before the nausea, agony and red piss starts.
So, why the immediate awwwww!? Two possible reasons – it’s either a desolate wail of the man who foresees his immediate future, and sees that it is bad. Or, they’re filthy eunuchs who’ve never known the true agony of the thwacked nut.
Girls! Think you have an equivalent pain to the white thud of the smashed bollock? Speaking on behalf of the boys, I don’t think so. Convince me otherwise for a prize!
Song that reached the height of popularity during the Satanic Verses saga, sung to the tune of "London Bridge is falling down":
A-ya-tol-lah Kho-mei-ni, Kho-mei-ni, Kho-mei-ni
A-ya-tol-lah Kho-mei-ni, Sal-man RUSH-DIE!
Alternative form of tennis developed following the tragic death of Formula 1 deity Ayrton Senna. Like regular doubles, except once you started motion in any direction, you couldn't stop or reduce speed until you made contact with the nearest solid object. After injuries piled up, was rejected in favour of Thalidotennis.