welcome back to the 2000s
Remember the internet? That was good, wasn't it? Anything seemed possible, and frequently did! The Law of the Playground enjoyed a period of happy low-level popularity in that time, as a place where people in their 20s and 30s could pick at their psychic scabs by laughing at the shit we did as children.

We got turned into a book, and a TV show that had Vic Reeves in it. That's so amazing it almost makes up for the fact that Justin Lee Collins was in it, too. Sadly, nothing's that amazing.

I've put the site back up as a read-only archive, and because we've all become better people over the last two decades, please assume a content warning for everything. LotP is a joke-led nostalgic look at the funny/cruel stuff that we did - and had done to us - as children. I've removed a few entries that were never funny, but I was too much of a chuckling edgelord to realise it. But even with that, in among the inspired whimsy and wild naive genius, there's straight-up bullying, ableism, all of the phobias, injustice, sociopathic cruelty, and kwebbers. Enjoy LotP knowing that you're amongst fellow sufferers.
have you changed anything?
I'm glad I asked myself that, because I know the answer:

--> I've obscured contributor credits, because a few people were getting in touch to say their entry was appearing in prospective employers' job searches.

--> Messing around with the all new Shit Filter™ will let you view entries we never approved. Even items we deleted. This possible dross won't leap out at you, and you can't directly link to these items. But you'll be thrilled to hear that you can finally see how many people told us that "dad up a chimney" was from Gremlins. It's the largest boost in content since the site began, and the quality is offensively reciprocal.

So, have a rummage and revel in nostalgia for a) childhood, and b) a time when the internet wasn't two websites, and your mum wasn't on it.