quiz? eggo!
At the end of the year, when kids were clearing out their desks and didn't want stuff any more, they would hold up an item and shout "Quiz!". The first kid to respond with a yell of "Eggo!" was given the item. The bidding could get fast and furious, but shouting "eggo!" prematurely was inadvisable, in case you got a gym sock, or some mong child's snot collection, and were honour bound to keep it. The words may be derived from Latin, although Latin was never taught at my school. Odd.
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Could also be reversed by the offeree with a call of "eggo" to confuse the slow-witted who failed to answer with "quiz".
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I seem to remember that there is the answer "veins", which is said after "eggo" which means you can't give the thing back. Great for when you've just given away a rotten apple core or a dirty syringe, or something.

Re: the Latin - "quiz" - who "ego" - I "veins" << don't know but possibly of French derision? None?
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And the non-boarding school version: quizzing a sweet after sticking it up your bum.
(WHAT? What are you talking about, anonymous user? Why would you quiz a sweet after sticking it up your bum?
"Why were you up my bum, sweet?"
You put it there, you buffoon/'nana!
Not to mention that
egginess doesn't apply to things actually being up your bum. That's sulphurous farts, not shit-smeared Swizzle Sticks you've had jammed up your ring. Leave this website immediately. If you haven't already left it in the nine months since you posted this entry. Sorry!
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