Disease that is surprisingly easy to diagnose. Tell patient to hold their breath, then informing them they can breathe out "if they have AIDS." If they don’t breathe out, they’re in the clear.
I wonder if, in The Olden Days, it worked with TB or Polio?
written by sp*dge*mo*key, approved by Susan

Also amusingly stands for Arse Injected Death Sentence. Combined with Gay standing for Got AIDS Yet?, I'm surprised the term GAIDSY was never embraced by the homosexual community like "queer" and "faggot" have been.
written by Pa*l To*ey, Jo* Bl*th, approved by Log

That's coz Gaidsy sounds like an effeminate gang member on Grange Hill, Log. The one who'd be first to dress as the Spice Girls for charity week.
written by Su*an *obac*o, approved by Susan

AIDS can also stand for....

"Adios, Infected Dick Sucker!" Chuck in a Speedy Gonzales impersonation and you're away.
written by an*ny*ous u*er, approved by Susan

It's the acronym that keeps on giving:
Arse Infected - Don't Screw.
written by Ma*k *arr*son, approved by Phil

Lois Alderson was convinced that it was possible to catch AIDS by eating a sandwich that had been stored in a cracked tupperware lunchbox.
written by an*nymo*s u*er, approved by Phil

After a "personal development" lesson on the dangers of HIV the following joke enjoyed a brief surge in popularity:
Child 1: Do you know what AIDS stands for?
Child 2: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Child 1: Are you positive?
Child 2: Yeah
Child 1: Hurrrrr, you're HIV positive. You've got AIDS. Hahahahaha. AIDS boy. Bet you got it from shagging your mum. Hahahahaha.

written by Cr*ig B, approved by Mansh