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SummaryReprehensible Swot

The white ones with the green bits. A sure sign of poverty.

If Dunnies (see Green Flash) are the Aldi of trainers, Gola are the Lidl. Slightly better, simply because they sell cheap red bull with "nearly Taurine" chemical "Taurin" in it. Other than that, unacceptable. Trainers.

A : Guess what? B : What? A : Good guess. Priceless.

What may seem like a rubbish insult got me in a lot of trouble, because Sandra was a Jehova's Witness, as was the teacher in that class. Why they should be so sensitive about smelling like squirrels is beyond me; unless they, you know... bum them.

Bizarre game. Simple to do, tough to explain. Person A makes statement. You say 'You what?' They repeat statement, and you just double it. An example; A : I'm just going for a shit. B : You what? A : I'm just going for a shit. B : WHAT!? You're going for TWO shits!? You could get out of it by saying 'Just the once' before you spoke. Lasted ages.