p.e. teachers, work avoidance for
Run to the wall and back: I can't be arsed. Run to the wall and back.
written by Jo* Bl*th, approved by Log

Basketball : Any self regulating sport doesn't really need a teacher watching it - sit in the staff room and let the little bastards sort it out themselves. Maintain a professionalism by occasionally nipping in, blowing a whistle, and shouting a random surname.
written by Jo* Bly*h, approved by Log

The twelve minute run : A peculiar form of pointlessness, inflicted by PE teachers. At least once a year, we were made to run round and round the PE hall for twelve minutes. How many times each person got round was recorded, for no very apparent reason. having been worst in my class several times in a row, the PE teacher asked me concernedly if I smoked. I didn't, I was just very bad at running.
written by Do*ian *., approved by Log

Open gym, leave the equipment room unlocked, get the teacher's assistant to do attendance then leave the class to its own devices, getting paid for sitting in the P.E. office with the door locked looking at porn for an hour and a half.
The teacher got more exercise than we did.
written by an*nym*us u*er, approved by Log

The Fun Run.
The Fun Run involved running around the perimeter of the school grounds. It was nearly identical to the much more joyless cross-country running. However, as our teacher was canny enough to call it the Fun Run, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.
written by mi* gu*, approved by Susan

If you can't be arsed to even stand and blow a whistle every now and then, why not assign the two most annoying and unpopular kids to referee a basketball match? It'll give them a little taste of power, bless, and will result in them getting pulped in the changing rooms by the losing team.
One team wins, one team gets to hit someone, and one bullied boy gets the whiff of authority that will drive him in adult life to start a corporation that menaces old ladies out of their homes so he can build a car park. Until that old woman works out how to reach the A-Team, at which point he'll cop a cabbage in the chops.
Everyone's a winner!
written by Ru*h G*ogl*, Jo* Blyt*, approved by Log