54321 liftoff
Batty Book Titles are those things that pretend to be real books, but the author is a pun. e.g., "Fell Out The Window" by Eileen Dover. Nicholas Gandolfo never quite got the hang of these, so came up with "Space Rocket Take Off" by 54321 Liftoff. Which is sort of getting towards the idea, even taking into account that he missed the point totally.
written by Pe*er *assto*, approved by Log

Another excruciating example comes from a poster designed by the school library assistant with hastily drawn pictures of books on it - part of a campaign to encourage use of the tumbleweed-filled facility. The poster featured a tome titled 'Bubbles In The Bath' - not by, as you would hope, the canonical Ivor Windybottom, but by 'B. A. Throom'.
Greeted with a weary disdain and a 'that's shit'.
written by Jo* M*redi*h, approved by Conor