Saying Fuck
A game devised in Year 11, and something of the antithesis of the more subtle game, "fuck". It basically involved going up to Mr. Stove, our Science teacher, and saying the word "fuck" to him.
e.g: "Sir, I'm not sure I understand this equation for measuring acceleration. Fuck."
or "Mr. Stove, can you tell Andrew to leave me alone? Fuck."
"Fuck" had to be said clearly, and could not be disguised in the middle of a sentence, or as part of another word. Not saying "fuck" once you had made your approach resulted in a beating. Mr Stove never reacted in anger. In fact, he hever gave any signs of giving the tiniest shit.
written by jo* jam*s, approved by Log

We had a teacher who had obviously spent far too much time in the sixties and thought it was a good idea to teach us that meanings of words were subjective. "If you don't MEAN it to have a bad meaning, then it DOESN'T!", he would say.
He went on to say that if we said the word 'fuck', and didn't mean 'intercourse', then the word would be meaningless. Which naturally resulted in our entire fifth grade class saying 'fuck' endlessly.
The best part of it all was the fact that if any other teachers heard us and became upset, we could honestly tell them that Mr. Walter had told us it was OK. This eventually resulted in Mr. Walter taking an extended leave of absence. Fuck.
written by excluded pupil, approved by Matt