Do you want me to read that out to the whole class?
A woeful cliché posed by clueless teachers when they see you writing something unrelated to study, and probably childish. In this case, I had just written "tits bum fannies knobs" on my neighbour's exercise book.

My mate, already tolerating my childishness, fixed Miss with a look of limitless contempt, sighed, and said 'Not really, Miss.'

But Miss was made of sterner stuff. She picked up the book, and read the four words out with such undisguised relish - "tit... BUM... fannies... nooooooobs..." even contriving to give the word "knob" five syllables.

The class went wild for this reading, and my friend was given weeklong kudos. Which is a bit unfair, considering I wrote it.
written by Bi*chi*g *eda*t, approved by Log

Miss Spooner decided to make an example of us when we vandalised James' rough book, by reading out loud some of the cartoons we had drawn.
Oddly, she chose one of her being fucked by James while she said "Oooh Yeah! I love it! I am a fat minger!" while both farted raucously.
written by Th* B*y Tuc*er, approved by Ponky