electric beard, the
During a GCSE Science lesson we devised a test of endurance.. First you need around 15-20 paper clips and a 12volt power source (although we did make a 9v portable version, it had a very limited battery life). Next string the paper clips together and attach them like a beard - over your chin with the ends of the chain coming down behind your ears. Now attach the power source - the winner, naturally, is the one who can withstand the agony for longest.
written by Al*x *imber, approved by Log

The other variation is to get an old 240v to 12v transformer, get a load of friends to hold hands in a line. The two at the ends of the line hold on to one wire each from the 240v side, whilst you attach the other two wires (the 12v side) to a battery. Nothing happens, until you remove one wire from the battery. Hey presto! Everyone leaps a couple of inches off the floor. Depending on the transformer and the battery you use, will determine
a) how high they jump, and
b) how hard you get punched.
If you really balls-up your combination, it is quite possible that some or all of your friends may well die, but what the hell - if you're prepared to electrocute someone, then they're probably not that close to you anyway.
written by Ge*ff *nderw*od, approved by Log