Page 215
The forever-to-be-remembered page number in our Biology textbook featuring a photograph of a standing naked child with the world's most extraordinary bow legs. When viewed in the dark recesses of the school library, it never ceased to make a 12-year-old lurch, retch and eventually laugh milk out of their nose.

Seriously, you could fit a beach ball through there.
written by Ch*is *reen, approved by Phil

Anyone remember "In The Night Kitchen" by Maurice Sendak? It uses drawings of a naked boy, and in one picture he's standing on a giant milk bottle shouting "Cock A Doodle Doo!" with his own doodle doo sticking out. Always made us hysterical.
written by He*di Cr*btr*e, approved by Susan

In my school you were forced to study the Holocaust in history. Each year, every student was issued a book called "The Jewish Journey," or something equally catchy. The books were ancient, and all had some degree of graffiti inside. It wasn't until my year though, that a fully co-ordinated graffiti strike was arranged, and each picture in every book was given the same caption or speechbubble.
e.g A dead malnourished Jew says, obviously, "Give me a sandwich." A trainload of unfortunates on their way to a death camp sing, "We're all going on a summer holiday."
It wasn't until Mark emptied out his pencil case, put it on top of Johnny's head and called him a "Dirty skullcap wearing kyke," that it was brought up in assembly. And Mark was suspended. Ah... days. Those were them.
written by wa*fle *, approved by Susan