Adidas bags can be doctored so that the logo is an acrostic for;
all day I dream about sex
after dinner I do a shit
a dirty indian did a shit
arse dicking is dangerous after supper
For double deedas, try;
a dirty indian did a shit and did it down a sewer
written by Ni*k B*ll, excluded pupil, Be*slug , Jo*o *il*ins*n, Jo* Bl*th, approved by Log

after dinner I did a shit,
(then backwards)
soon after desert I did another
written by an*nym*us us*r, approved by Log

A dick is dirty after sex
written by Bd*ve *, approved by Log

all day I deserve a sexual (rubbing) - this version addresses the underused (R) registered trademark symbol.
written by an*ny*ous *ser, approved by Log

a durex is disposable after sex
written by Sa* E, approved by Phil

A Dildo Inserted Deeply Adds Stimulation. I was very proud of that one.
written by an*nym*us us*r, approved by Log

Using tippex and black pen:

Adidas= bad ass

Coooooool city, until you say it out loud and it becomes "bad arse." Not quite as sexy.
written by gr*ff*., approved by Susan

Then you can do it backwards, and in your dad's apartment...
sex all day in dad's apartment
written by an*nymou* use*, approved by Log

after diarrhoea I detest anal sex... whether as giver or receiver is left to the imagination.
written by an*nymo*s use*, approved by Phil

it's the acronym that keeps on giving:

all day I drink animal spunk
written by an*nymo*s *ser, approved by Phil