Welcome back!
This is the website that was popular for a bit in the 2000s, before it got turned into a decent enough book, and a really average TV show. There was also a forum. We had a Sports Day. People got married. Halcyon days, you might say. We certainly did.

And now, after a year of pandemic with not much else to do, I've plugged some fresh php into the database to drag out that foul text, and here it is. Again. It works on phones now! We didn't need to do THAT before.

Please assume a content warning for everything. LotP is a joke-led nostalgic look at the funny/cruel stuff that we did - and had done to us - as children. I've super-deleted a few entries The dictionary format is supposed to give a tone of deadpan authority that strains out the lumpiest nuggets of gleeful evil.

But in among the inspired whimsy and wild naive genius, there's straight-up bullying, ableism, all of the phobias, sociopathic cruelty, and kwebbers. Enjoy LotP knowing that you're amongst fellow sufferers.
Anything different?
I'm glad I asked myself that, because I know the answer:

--> I've obscured contributor credits, because a few people were getting in touch to say their entry was appearing in prospective employers' job searches. Just enough to kill the search results.

--> With a couple of clicks, you can now view entries we've NOT approved. Even ones we DISAPPROVED. And the awful ones we PSEUDO-DELETED. It's an extra click to see them - they won't leap out at you, and you can't directly link to them. But finally, you can see exactly how many people told us that "dad up a chimney" was from Gremlins. It's the largest boost in content since the site began, and the quality is offensively reciprocal.

So, have a rummage and revel in nostalgia for a) childhood, and b) a time when the internet wasn't two websites